Report: “NGO International Joint Statement against the security bills”


 NGO International Joint Statement Against the Security Bills

The following NGOs express our strong concern and opposition to the currently proposed Security Bills in Japan.


  1. Through its colonial rule and aggressive wars in the Asia Pacific region, Japan caused great loss of life and violations of human rights, and the wounds from this are yet to be healed. Following its defeat 70 years ago, and based on the deep regret for the extensive sacrifice brought upon by the Japan-instigated war, the country determined to put an end to militarism, and on the foundation of Article 9 of the Constitution, made a promise to the world to abandon war. This “pledge to not wage war” has meant that Japan has not participated in combat activities overseas over the past 70 years.
  1. The security bills currently debated in Japan will allow the use of the right to collective self-defense, meaning Japan’s participation in wars between other countries and the use of force overseas in the case of an armed attack against the United States or other closely allied countries. As well as this, it would under the name of international cooperation for peace broadly allow logistic activities undertaken alongside the use of force, including transportation of ammunition in conflicts in other countries. The armed conflicts or military logistic activities in which Japan would participate under the proposed bills have no geographic limitations, and Asia, the Middle East and Africa would broadly be included in its range.
  1. In Japan, many constitutional scholars have expressed their opinion that these bills go against Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, and the majority of citizens are against these bills. Yet, in July of this year the proposed bills were passed without sufficient debate in the House of Representatives, and they are now being discussed in the House of Councilors.
  1. We are strongly opposed to the situation in which the people of the Asia Pacific region could once again be in the relationship of killing or being killed as a result of Japanese war actions, or that the region could once again experience the tragic disaster of war. We are also strongly against Japan’s participation in war leading to Japan contributing to bloodshed in regions of the Middle East, Africa and so on which suffer through the scourge of war.
  1. We believe that it will not be possible to eradicate conflict from the world without resolving structural violence such as poverty, disparity, discrimination and oppression of human rights, which form a breeding ground for conflict or so-called terrorism. It is not possible to build a just order in the world without addressing such fundamental issues, and relying only on military force. In a world becoming more militarized and violent, Japan’s pacifism, albeit imperfect, has the potential to be an alternative for building international peace through “not resolving international conflicts through armed force.” The effort must be made for the whole international community to support this pacifism, and spread it further.

We hereby reiterate our opposition to the security bills currently being debated at the Japanese Diet, for their going against the hope of the global civil society.

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NGOs which endorsed to the statement (361 Organizations 37 countries)

*The number includes organizations which sent after the deadline. The number which endorsed to the statement until the deadline is 331.

Japan (107 Organizations)

CWS Japan / Sapporo Freedom School ‘YU’ / Kannagawa Development Education Center / Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC) / Japan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Service (JOCS) / Japan Campaign to Ban Landmines (JCBL) / ayus:Network of Buddhists Volunteers on International Cooperation / NESTEP / Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA) / Empowerment For All / WE21 Japan / Yokohama NGO Network / Sangenjaya Magunum for Africa / WE21 Japan Yokosuka / Aspiring Citizens for Community  / Empowerment with sunny smile, Inc. / Asian Community Center 21 (ACC21) / The Association For International Mutual Understanding / People to People Aid, Japan  / P-nong Learning Center (PLC) / GCPEJ: Global Campaign for Peace Education Japan / WE21 Japan Izumi / WE21 Japan Kanazawa / Slow Living Movement  / WE21 Japan Hodogaya / WE21 Japan Yamato / Action for Solodarity, Equality, Environment, and Development (ASJ) / AHI: Asian Health Institute / The network for no war / The Association To Help Chernobyl, Chubu-District, Japan / FoE Japan / Human Rights Now / YWCA Japan / WE21 Japan Takatsu / Asian Network of Trust / Alternative People’s Linkage in Asia / The international Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR) / Japanese Committee for the Children of Palestine (JCCP) / CALL for IRAQ WAR INQUIRY / Africa Japan Forum / Earth Tree / Mekong Watch / Japan Iraq Medical Network (JIM-NET) / Fukuoka NGO Forum on ADB / Not For Sale Japan (NFSJ) / Fukuoka NGO Network (FUNN) / People’s Forum on Cambodia, Japan (PEFOC,J) / Sustainable Academy Japan / Development Education Association and Resource Center / WE21 Japan Kouhoku / Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC) / Peace Support Association / the association which requests for lifting of the OMINESAN’s NYONINKINSEI / Services for the Health in Asian & African Regions (SHARE) / Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC) / Japan International Center for the Rights of the Child (C-Rights) / Terra Renaissance / Go! Fly! Wheelchairs / WE21 Japan Hiratsuka / WE21 Japan Sagamihara / Tokyo Occupational Safety&Health Center (TOSHC) / Edogawa Kodomo Ombuds -Edogawa Child Advocacy Network / The NGO Collaboration Center for HANSHIN QUAKE Rehabilitation / Kobe Student Youth Center / The peace movement citizens group of that will not be fooled by war companies / Peace Support Association / The international Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism / Editing Committee of Shimonoseki citizen movement bulletin “UMI” / Japanese Committee for the Filippino “Comfort Women” / We21 Japan Tsuzuki / Asian Farmars Exchane Center / Japan’s Military Sexual Slaves Problem  / Committee of Church of Christ in Japan / Hanmadan / Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Japan Section / WE21 Japan Asahi / The citizens group of Shimonoseki that will promote showing “The 10 feet movie” / Japan Catholic Council For Justice and Peace / Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace(WAM) / Karez Health & Educational Services / Violence Against Women in War Research Action Center / Eco Communication Center / WE21 Japan Isogo / JVC Kyushu Network / WE21 Japan Miyamae / International Center for Literacy and Culture / Nagoya NGO Center / Fukushima Beacon for Global Citizens Network (FUKUDEN) / Jippo / Action with Lao Children / WE21 Japan Tama / WE21 Japan Fujisawa / Pacific Asia Resource Center(PARC) / Network For Indoneeasian Democracy Japan (NINDJA) / “Health Assistance and Neighborhood Development Support Inc. (HANDS) / Development Support Inc” / WE21 Japan Ninomiya / Friends for Peace / WE21 Japan Ebina / WE21 Japan Asao / Network for Burma Democracy / Trading companies on article 9 / OVERSEAs / ICBUW-Japan / Children Future Network / Women’s Action Against FGM, Japan / Eco Messe / WE21 Japan Sakae

Asia (183 Organizations)

(India) Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha(MASUM) / National Convenor (PACTI) / Tamil Nadu Women’s Fourm / Tamil Nadu Dalit Women’s Movement / Women Coliation for Change / Rural Women Liberation Movement / Rural Workers  Movement / State Alliance of People’s Movement / Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP), India / Human Rights Society, India / Peoples’  Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR), India / People’s Watch India. / The Indian Association of Lawyers / Foundation of His Sacred Majesty  /  Laya (Indonesia) INFID / Institut Titian Perdamaian (ITP), Indonesia / Konservasi Indonesia(KOIN) / Yayasan Pengembangan Masyarakat Desa Papua (YPMD-Papua) / The Union of Indonesian Buddhist Students / PESADA  (Australia) Asia-Pacific Solidarity Coalition (APSOC) / BaseWatch, Australia / Independent and Peaceful Australia Network, Australia / Just Peace Qld, Australia / Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church, Australia / Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Australia (Korea) Korean House for International Solidarity / People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy / Women Dalit Association / The Buddhist Solidarity for Reform / The Buddhist Academy / People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) / Citizens’ Coalition for Democratim Media  / Citizen’s Coalition for Economic Justice KOREA REUNFICATION SOCIETY(CCEJ) / Civil Peace Forum  / Peace Education Project MOMO​ / Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea  / INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF ENGAGED BUDDHISTS (INEB) / The Network for Buddhist Civil Society in Korea / Jogye Order Institute for the Study of Buddhism and Society / Buddhist Ecological Contents Institute / Korea Center for United Nations Human Rights Policy (KOCUN) / Minbyun-Lawyers for a Democratic Society / Institute for Religion and Gender Research / Anti War Peace Solidarity / Catholic Human Rights Committee / Center for Peacemuseum / CHUN TAE-IL Memorial Society / Citizens’ Coalition for Democratim Media / Citizen’s Coalition for Economic / Justice KOREA REUNFICATION SOCIETY(CCEJ) / Civil Peace Forum / Civilian Military Watch / Eco Horizon Institute / Friends of Asia / Imagination For International Solidarity / Institute for Law and Human Rights in Society / Korea Federation for Environmental Movements / Korea Women Workers Association / Korea Women’s Hotline / Korean Women’s Association United / Korean Women’s Environmental Network / Life Peace Solidarity / Movement for One Korea / National Campaign for Eradication of Crimes by U.S. troops in Korea / Peace Education Project MOMO / Peace Network / Peace Nomad / People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy(PSPD) / People’s Solidarity for Social Progress / Professors for Democracy(PD) / Pyeongtaek PEACE CENTER / SARANGBANG group for Human Rights / Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea / Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea(SPARK) / Sustainable Society Institute / The April 9 Unification & Peace Foundation / Ulsan Solidarity for Human Rights / Won-Buddhism Human Rights Committee / Council for volunteer corps issue in Busan / Citizens group for helping comfort women in Bashou / Young Korean Academy / The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan / The Center for Historical Truth and Justice / Korean Council for Compensation for the Victims of WWII / The Civic Group Supporting Chosun Womens who had forced Labor / Korean Committee of Anti Yasukuni Joint Counteraction / Korea Youth Buddhist Association / GSND ASPA(Gyeongsangnam-do Association of self-sufficiency Promotion Agency) / Gyeongnam Province Self Sufficiency Center / April Revolution Society / April Revolution Society / Korean Institute of Religious Freedom / JUNGTO SOCIETY / YWCA of Korea (Cambodia) Cambodian League for the Promotion & Defense of Human Rights (LICADHO) / Day Ku Aphiwat (DKA), Cambodia / Buddhists and Khmer Society Network / Cambodian Food and Service Workers’ Federation (CFSWF) / Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Communtiy(CCFC) / Sahmakum Teang Tnaut – STT / Peace Bridges Organization (Singapore) Cambodian League for the Promotion & Defense of Human Rights (LICADHO) (SriLanka) INFORM Human Rights Documentation Centre / Mothers and Daughters of Lanka / Human Development Organisation / Centre for Women and Development / National Fisheries Solidarity Movement[NAFSO] / Community Development Services (CDS) / Centre for Policy Alternatives / Rights Now Collective for Democracy / Families of the Disappeared ( FoD ) / Right to Life Human Rights Center (Thailand) People’s Empowerment Foundation, Thailand / Dhammadrops foundation / MAP Foundation (Taiwan) Green Formosa Front Taiwan, Taiwan / Buddhist Hongshi College (Nepal) Tewa Women Fund Nepal / Soars -Society for Action and Research for Sustainable Development / Pro public / Nagarik Aawaj / Women Human right Single women group Nepal / Sathi / Orek Nepal / Jagaran Nepal / Women Guidance Association / Indigenous Women Association Nepal / SWOG, Social Workers Group Nepal / Friend Service Council Nepal / Accountability Watch Committee, Nepal / Nepal Natural and Human Resources Development Assiciation (NAHUDA), Nepal / Swatantrata Abhiyan, Nepal / WOREC Nepal / Tansen Nursing School / Nepal Mahila Bishwasi Sangh(YWCA of Nepal) / Nepal Institute of Development Studies (NIDS) / Lalitpur Nursing Campus / All Nepal Peasants Federation / Asia Pacific Farmers Forum, South Asia Coordination Office / South Asia Peasants Coalition, Kathmandu  / National Human Rights to Food Network, Kathmandu  / National Economic Association Nepal / Didibahini Nepal / Ban Landmine Campaign Nepal / Women Development Society (WODES) (New Zealand) IMPAECT* Inc.  (Bangladesh) / SHELTER / Center for Bangladesh Studies (CBS), Bangladesh / Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) / Bangladesh Protibandhi Kallyan Somity (BPKS) / Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate, Bangladesh / IMA Research Foundation / PARBATYA BOUDDHA MISSION(PBM)  (East Timor) Permaculture Timor Lorosa’e / Kdalak Sulimutuk Institute / Peace Centre of Universidade Nacional Timor-Lorosae / Kadalak Sulimuk Institute (KSI), Timor Leste (Burma / Myammar) Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma (Altsean-Burma) / Burma Partnership, Burma/Myanmar / Alternative Education for Social Engagement / Thinking Classroom Foundation (TCF) / National Network for Education Reform (NNER)  /   YWCA of Myanmar (Philippines) MIGRANTE Japan / Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Patriotic Alliance) – Japan / Kalipunan ng mga Filipinong Nagkakaisa (KAFIN) / Philippine Migrant Advocacy Center (Nagoya), / GABRIELA Japan / Tanggol Migrante Network – Japan / Cordillera Green Network / Center for Peace Education, Miriam College, Philippines / Generation Peace Youth Network, Philippines / GZO Peace Institute, Philippines / Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID), Philippines / Matuwid Na Singil Sa Kuryente (MSK), Philippines / Philippine Council for Peace and Global Education, Philippines / Waging Peace Philippines / KANESHIGE FARM-RURL CAMPUS(KF-RC)  (Hong Kong) The Asian Human Rights Commission / YMCA of Hong Kong (Maleysia) Malaysian Network of Engaged Buddhists (Mongol) The Centre for Human Rights and Development  / Mongolian Education Alliance

North America (27 Organizations)

(USA) GPPAC North America / Peace & Economic Security Program / American Friends Service Committee. / Clear View Project / Upaya Zen Center / Veterans For Peace NYC Chapter 34 / Buddhist Association of the United States / HealthWrights / Popular Resistance / Foreign Policy in Focus / Veterans For Peace NYC Chapter 34 / Code Pink / WESPAC Foundation / Boulder Eco-Dharma group / The Islah Reparations Project / Justice for Fallujah Project / Peace Action New York State / Non-Violence International / Massachusetts Peace Action / Youth Arts New York/Hibakusha Stories / Peace Action  (Canada) Peace Philosophy Centre / Montreal Save Article 9 / LICADHO Canada / Vancouver Save Article 9 / Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, Canada / Toronto Save Article 9

Europe (15 Organizations)

(UK) Human Rights Ambassador for, / Campaign Against Arms Trade, UK / Human Rights Ambassador for / Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers (Italy) Centro di documentazione ‘Semi sotto la neve’  (Ukraina) Chernobyl Hostages (Netherlands) Stop Wapenhandel/Stop Arms Trade, The Netherlands (Slovakia) Human Rights Institute, Slovakia (Germany) German East Asia Mission (DOAM) / Koreanische Frauengruppe in Deutschland / German Peace Society-United War Resisters (DFG-VK), Germany / Chungnoh Gross :Korean peace group in Germany / Overseas Duesseldorf (Finland) Kehys (France) Droit et Solidarite (Belarus) YWCA of Belarus

Middle East/Central Asia/Africa (19 Organizations)

(Israel) Gush Shalom (Iraq) INSAN Iraqi Society for relief & development / AL GHAZL (Lebanon) Organization for Civil Activities, Lebanon / Permanent Peace Movement, Lebanon (Palestine) YWCA Palestine  (Jordan)Energy Conservation & sustainable Environment / E_case Society (Afghanistan) Afghan NGOs’ Coordination Bureau / Afghan Public Welfare Organisation( APWO) /  Afghan Community and Rehabilitation Unit (ACRU) /  Feminine Solidarity for Justice (FSJO) / Afghan Women’s Educational Center (AWEC) / Watch on Basic Rights Afghanistan Organization (WBRAO) / Peace Training and Research Organisation (PTRO) / Afghan Amputee Bicyclists for Rehabilitation And Recreation (AABRAR) / (Pakistan) Madadgaar National Help Line Pakistan (Uganda) Women in Alternative Action-WAA Cameroon (Cameroon) Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau

International (10 Organizations)

Asian Democracy Network (ADN) / Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) / GPPAC Southeast Asia / GPPAC Central Asia / GPPAC Mexico Network / International Peace Bureau / Middle East and North Africa Partnership for Preventing of Armed Conflict (MENAPPAC) / Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development / International Association of Democratic Lawyers / Pax Christi International



Press Conference in the member’s office building of the House of Councilors



English – Japanese documents


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